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China Biotechnology
China Biotechnology  2017, Vol. 37 Issue (6): 93-96    DOI: 10.13523/j.cb.20170614
Application Progress of the Technology of Droplet Digital PCR
ZHAO Zhi-guo, CUI Qiang, ZHAO Lin-li, WANG Hai-yan, LI Gang, LIU Lai-jun, AO Wei-hua, MA Cai-xia
The Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Inner Mongolia Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Hohhot 010020, China
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Abstract  Droplet digital PCR is a type of digital PCR,which was a new revolutionary technology of Molecular biology in recent years, its characteristic is highly sensitive, absolute quantitative, efficient, convenient, and so on. At present, the technology have been applied in microbiological detection, genetically modified detection, disease detection and quality inspection area, and its advantage was very obvious. Along with the popularization of droplet digital PCR system, the technology will be widely applied in various fields of life science.

Key wordsDroplet digital PCR      Application      Absolute quantitative     
Received: 28 December 2016      Published: 25 June 2017
ZTFLH:  Q819  
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ZHAO Zhi-guo, CUI Qiang, ZHAO Lin-li, WANG Hai-yan, LI Gang, LIU Lai-jun, AO Wei-hua, MA Cai-xia. Application Progress of the Technology of Droplet Digital PCR. China Biotechnology, 2017, 37(6): 93-96.

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