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China Biotechnology
China Biotechnology  2016, Vol. 36 Issue (9): 81-86    DOI: 10.13523/j.cb.20160910
The Research Progress of Flavonoids in Plants
LIU Yi-jie, XUE Yong-chang
School of Biological Engineering, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian 116034, China
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As a group of compounds which has high medicinal values, flavonoids from plant has been domestic and international hot topics on biology and pharmaceutical research. With the continuous progress of the study, medicinal values and the structure-activity relationships of flavonoids are constantly being discovered, and more and more pharmaceutical formulation of flavonoids have also been put into clinical application. Recent research progress of flavonoids in plant and a systematic elaboration for its species structures, physical and chemical properties, pharmacological activities, separation, purification and identification are summarized, then puts forward corresponding solutions for the problems in the production process and prospects its application in the fields of sanitation and medicine.

Key wordsFlavonoids      Pharmacological activity      Clinical application      Separation and purification     
Received: 04 March 2016      Published: 25 September 2016
ZTFLH:  TQ224  
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LIU Yi-jie, XUE Yong-chang. The Research Progress of Flavonoids in Plants. China Biotechnology, 2016, 36(9): 81-86.

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