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   Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology (Ranliao Huaxue Xuebao) is a Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) journal started in 1956, sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society and the Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). The journal is published bimonthly by Science Press in China and widely distributed in about 20 countries. Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology publishes reports of both basic and applied research in the chemistry and chemical engineering of many energy sources, including that involved in the nature, processing and utilization of coal, petroleum, oil shale, natural gas, biomass and synfuels, as well as related subjects of increasing interest such as C1 chemistry, pollutions control and new catalytic materials. Types of publications include original research articles, short communications, research notes and reviews. Both domestic and international contributors are welcome. Manuscripts written in Chinese or English will be accepted. Additional English titles, abstracts and key words should be included in Chinese manuscripts. All manuscripts are subject to critical review by the editorial committee, which is composed of about 10 foreign and 50 Chinese experts in fuel science. Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology has been a source of primary research work in fuel chemistry as a Chinese core scientific periodical. It is currently indexed by several major international database products, abstract journals and almost all the databases in China, such as Chemical Abstracts(continuously in the 1000 most frequently cited journals ), EI Compendex, Cambridge Science Abstracts(CSA), Coal Abstracts(UK), Science Abstracts (Russia), Chinese Science Citation Database(CSCD), Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation Database(CSTPC), China Academic Journal Text Database(CAJ or CNKI), Chinese Academic Journal Database, Chinese Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Abstracts Database.

Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology


     Latest Printed Issue    
     2020, Vol.48 No.08
     Online: 10 August 2020

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Investigation of coal-biomass interaction during co-pyrolysis by char separation and its effect on coal char structure and gasification reactivity with CO2
LI Xiao-ming, ZHANG Hong, LIU Meng-jie, ZHI Li-fei, BAI Jin, BAI Zong-qing, LI Wen

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 897-907 [Abstract] ( 31 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 10300KB] ( 157 )    DOI:
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Study on the performance of the purified CaSO4 oxygen carrier derived from wet flue gas desulphurization slag in coal chemical looping combustion
WANG Bao-wen, WANG Wei, LI He-yu, CAI Zhong-yuan, JIANG Tao, LIANG Yan-chen, DING Ning

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 908-919 [Abstract] ( 10 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 4810KB] ( 58 )    DOI:
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Migration and transformation characteristics of zigzag char-N in lean oxygen environment
CHEN Ping, LI Ji-hua, GU Ming-yan, CHEN Guang

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 920-928 [Abstract] ( 10 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 14749KB] ( 27 )    DOI:
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Migration and transformation law of potassium in the combustion of biomass blended coal
ZHOU Jun, LIU Qian, ZHONG Wen-qi, YU Zuo-wei

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 929-936 [Abstract] ( 11 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 1237KB] ( 38 )    DOI:
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Composition analysis of FCC slurry and its extraction products
SUN Yu-dong, ZHAO Xiao-ning, FENG Yi

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 937-941 [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 1332KB] ( 22 )    DOI:
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One step synthesis of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid from fructose catalyzed by Ce modified Ru/HAP
YANGYANG Jia-zi, ZHOU Feng, MA Hui-xia, LI Xue-lei, YUAN Xing-zhou, LIANG Fei-xue, ZHANG Jian

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 942-948 [Abstract] ( 13 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 926KB] ( 20 )    DOI:
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Effect of phase transformation of La2Zr2O7 catalysts on catalytic performance for the oxidative coupling of methane
MENG Hao, LIN Ming-gui, NIU Peng-yu, WANG Jun-gang, HOU Bo, LI De-bao

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 949-959 [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 5125KB] ( 23 )    DOI:
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Enhanced activity and stability over hierarchical porous mordenite (MOR) for carbonylation of dimethyl ether: Influence of mesopores
WANG Xiao-sheng, LI Ran-jia, YU Chang-chun, LIU Yu-xiang, XU Chun-ming, LU Chun-xi

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 960-969 [Abstract] ( 10 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 11298KB] ( 26 )    DOI:
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Effect of H-ZSM-5 zeolite morphology on the performance of bifunctional ZnCr2O4/H-ZSM-5 catalysts in the direct conversion of syngas into aromatics
GUO Shu-jia, WANG Sen, LUO Yao-ya, LUO Li, DONG Mei, QIN Zhang-feng, FAN Wei-bin, WANG Jian-guo

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 970-979 [Abstract] ( 11 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 8628KB] ( 36 )    DOI:
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Study on CuAl2O4 catalytic material for methanol steam reforming
QIAO Wei-jun, ZHANG Kai-wen, ZHANG Na, ZHANG Lei, QING Shao-jun, GAO Zhi-xian

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 980-985 [Abstract] ( 9 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 1045KB] ( 22 )    DOI:
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Research on propene oligomerization reaction over the Fenton's reagent modified ZSM-5
ZI Zhong-yue, LI Bing-shuang, GE Yuan-zheng, LIU Guang-bo, LI Jian-qing, WU Jin-hu

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 986-992 [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 675KB] ( 17 )    DOI:
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Conversion of 4-ethylphenol to light aromatics on the Cr2O3/Al2O3 modified by phosphoric acid
QIU Ze-gang, LIU Wei-wei, LI Zhi-qin

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 993-1003 [Abstract] ( 8 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 1086KB] ( 11 )    DOI:
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Boron-functionalized reduced graphene oxide as carbocatalysts with enhanced activity for hydrogenation of anthracene
LI Feng, LIU Ren-hou, ZHAO Ning, XIAO Fu-kui

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 1004-1014 [Abstract] ( 8 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 19068KB] ( 22 )    DOI:
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Preparation of platinum-silver alloy nanoparticles and their catalytic performance in methanol electro-oxidation
ZHAO Hai-dong, LU Zhen, LIU Rui, LI Zuo-peng, GUO Yong

2020 Vol. 48 (08): 1015-1024 [Abstract] ( 7 ) [HTML 1KB] [PDF 6643KB] ( 20 )    DOI:
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